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What is the RideShark Green Rewards Program?


The RideShark Green Rewards Program offers rewards to users of sustainable travel options. Users log their trips taken by walking, cycling, carpooling, vanpooling or public transit, or trip avoided through telework or compressed work weeks. With each sustainable trip logged, users earn points. These points can be redeemed for Green Rewards offered by businesses like you!


Why provide rewards on the RideShark platform ?


RideShark is a social enterprise that provides the world’s leading online rideshare website. With over 2 million commuters active in our online platform, offering green rewards will get your company noticed! People using the site are those are looking for active and sustainable ways to commute to help the environment, their pocketbook and improve quality of life in their communities.

These are people who walk, cycle, carpool, telework or use public transit instead of driving alone. The Gobyride platform helps users find commuting partners, log their trips and be rewarded through an innovative rewards program. Gobyride is partnering with businesses across North America to provide rewards in the form of coupons or discounts to help encourage and support healthy, cost effective and smart travel options.


How will your company benefit by being a Rewards Partner?

  • No cost marketing – there’s no cost to your business to offer a reward on RideShark’s platform (other than the provision of the reward itself)
  • Be recognized for your commitment to improving air quality and traffic congestion – promote your business as being socially responsible and engaged in community priorities
  • Build customer engagement  – by enticing trial of your business through a fun rewards program
  • Leverage and grow your business – build an entire new customer base while increasing your existing network
  • No risk – you have nothing to lose except new customers

What type of Green Reward should my business offer?


The RideShark Green Rewards program is asking for discount coupons, % off with purchase, buy one get one free (BOGO), or any other type of discount or donation. Typical marketing budgets are recommended to be in the range of between 5-10% of sales. We know and understand that building brand awareness and customers is an expensive proposition, so the RideShark Green Rewards program helps you increase brand awareness and build your customer base in a risk free, cost-effective manner.


How do rewards work?

  • Registered users of the website take a trip by a means other than driving alone. They might walk, bike, use transit, ride a vanpool, carpool, work from home or work a compressed week.
  • Registered users log their sustainable trips to earn points that go towards rewards
  • Users can pick from a wide selection of unique and fun rewards to redeem their points.
  • Users receive a PDF certificate by email that they can print and bring to your business, or use the code to redeem online.
  • Your reward may be posted on any of our enterprise City or State provided sites, or on the global freely accessible public Gobyride site.
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How do I become a RideShark Green Rewards Partner?

Becoming a RideShark Green Rewards program partner is easy. There are absolutely no fees or cost to you as a business to be part of the program. Joining the RideShark Green Rewards program is as simple as providing us with 5 pieces of information. We will take care of the rest!

In order for us to offer your rewards to users, we need the following information:

  • Full Contact Details

    Tell us how can we reach you (name, title, business name, email, telephone, address, business type)

  • Green Reward Offer

    What are you offering? Quantity and value.

  • Green Reward Description

    This is your chance to promote your business! Add a paragraph describing your business and donation.

  • Green Reward Details

    What’s the fine print of the donated reward? Let us know if there’s a specific coupon code or other reward limitations. All rewards renew annually; unless you tell us differently. The reward recipient has six months to redeem their reward.

  • Your Logo

    We will post your logo on our website so visitors will know who you are.

Contact us today to be included in the RideShark Green Rewards program!
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