gobyRIDE has arrived!


gobyRIDE introduces the world’s first rideshare app to incorporate rewards. Powered by the robust enterprise RideShark back end, gobyRIDE is positioned to be the global app of choice for true ridesharing.

Following a true rideshare model, gobyRIDE effortlessly and intuitively connects drivers and passengers based on proximity to origin, destination and travel route. Users automatically receive points for actions such as posting a trip, completing a trip and social sharing. These points can be used to enter into contests for gobyRIDE rewards or automatic achievement level rewards. Integrated in-app payments ensure a seamless user experience.

gobyRIDE also offers institutions, organizations or cities of any size the ability to custom brand a portal for a mere $100 / month with all of our extra features enabled. The gobyRIDE enterprise edition not only helps people find carpool matches, it also provides walking, cycling and transit buddy matching, multimodal route information, custom content opportunities and integrated gobyRIDE rewards.

Our low-cost gobyRIDE enterprise edition will ensure that every organization, regardless of size, can offer a proven, client-branded, commute management system to their employees, students or community members.

gobyRIDE launches September 2017 in North America.

OTTAWA, ON – July 31, 2017

As a gobyRIDE driver or passenger, not only are you playing your proactive part in promoting sustainable transportation, you’re meeting new people, being social and sharing trip costs. Better still, gobyRIDE actually rewards you for your participation, actions and sharing with select, quality and varied gobyRIDE partner donated rewards.

To learn more about gobyRIDE, please contact Dara Mottahed | Marketing Director at dara@gobyRIDE.com, or visit the website at www.gobyRIDE.com.

About RideShark Corporation, gobyRIDE’s parent company

For over 15 years, RideShark has led the way in providing the world’s leading commute management SaaS solution. Multimodal ridesharing, trip logging, incentive management, carpool parking, commuter challenges and many more features make up the inclusive enterprise level platform.

RideShark’s comprehensive and intuitive mobility management software is the lifeblood of transport demand management solutions at global Fortune 500 Companies, universities and colleges, cities, regions, States, Provinces or even country-wide.

We recognize that by promoting and encouraging easy-to-use and sustainable transportation programs and options, everybody wins!