RideShark Launches Smart Travel New Zealand


RideShark launches the world’s only country-wide Commute Management System with Smart Travel NZ in New Zealand. Visit www.SmartTravel.org.nz to find carpool partners and sustainable travel options!

Smart Travel NZ, powered by RideShark, is a country-wide initiative that local councils and transport agencies from all over New Zealand have worked together to launch. Led by the Greater Wellington Regional Council and Auckland Transport, a single national site makes it easy to find multimodal commute options and carpool partners for all users across the country. The Smart Travel NZ site helps users find shared rides, to and from work, school or recreational activities, while also providing options for public transport, cycling and walking.

OTTAWA, ON – June 13, 2017

Smart Travel at www.SmartTravel.org.nz helps you find local people to share your journey, saving you time, money and helping you do your bit towards unclogging our busy roads.

Smart Travel NZ makes it easy for you to share rides from wherever you are in New Zealand. You can join a national network of carpoolers, win great prizes for logging your trips and easily find all options for your journey, including public transport, walking and cycling.

The Wellington Saints basketball team are on a roll with Smart Travel, the new website and the app. They’re helping Kiwis find and share rides to work and play … and are having a lot of fun along the way.

You can check out all of the fun here at www.SmartTravel.org.nz

To learn more about RideShark’s world leading transport management solutions, or to arrange an interview, please contact Dara Mottahed at 613 656 2051 or email, dara@rideshark.com, or visit the website at www.RideShark.com.

To learn more about Smart Travel NZ, please contact Melanie Thornton | Manager – Sustainable Transport at 04 830 4166 or email, melanie.thornton@gw.govt.nz, or visit the website at www.SmartTravel.org.nz


For over 15 years, RideShark has led the way in providing the world’s leading commute management SaaS solution. Multimodal ridesharing, trip logging, incentive management, carpool parking, commuter challenges and many more features make up the inclusive enterprise level platform.

RideShark’s comprehensive and intuitive mobility management software is the lifeblood of transport demand management solutions at global Fortune 500 Companies, universities and colleges, cities, regions, States, Provinces or even country-wide.

We recognize that by promoting and encouraging easy-to-use and sustainable transportation programs and options, everybody wins!