About RideShark

About RideShark

At RideShark We Empower Sustainable Travel Options And Lead The World In ‘Multimodal Mobility Management’ Software Solutions.

We Are A Globally Recognized & Market-Leading Enterprise Commuter Management Solution For All Government, Corporate & Campus Organizations.

Here at RideShark, we live and breathe Transportation/Commuter Demand Management and empower sustainable travel options the world over. We recognize that by providing intuitive, easy-to-use transportation programs and options to your participants, everybody wins!

RideShark ensures that the administration of your participants’ travel and commute is a snap. Effortlessly administer your tasks, communications, promotions, incentives and programs all from within RideShark’s intuitive dashboard.

Staying connected and engaged with your participating commuters has direct implications on the growth of your network(s) and its user base. Our market-leading carpool software platform provides incomparable enterprise commuter transportation management.

We build and customize the platform that you want, with the features you want as well as empowering you to control your incentives, rewards, communication and content … there are no cookie cutters or boiler plates here!

RideShark’s Multimodal Platform Renders Real Results And Very Happy Users.

Participating drivers benefit from having their operating, wear and tear costs covered while the passengers benefit from a reliable, safe, trusted and very cost-effective commute.

Add to this the benefits detailed in our Commute Management Platform listing and you have the world’s most productive and engaging Transportation/Commuter Management solution at your disposal.

A significant component of workplace satisfaction is the commute to and from work. We know it’s important to keep all stakeholders happy, healthy and productive and we’re happy to share that RideShark readily assists with …

  • a happier and more engaged employee / student / participant
  • a less-stressed employee / student / participant
  • a heightened quality of life
  • increased productivity
  • increased sociability
  • heightened job satisfaction
  • mitigating turnover
  • enhancing a sense of community
  • overall business branding
  • reducing the number of parking spaces
  • reducing road congestion
  • improving air quality
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Fortune 500 companies around the world are effectively using RideShark to encourage and support sustainable travel for employees, students, and the general public.

RideShark … with over 15 years of experience in sustainable transportation and software application design … The Decision Is Yours … And It’s Easy!

Our Community

At RideShark, we are vibrant and talented team, dedicated to groundbreaking innovation with a genuine love of commute management solutions.

Our happy clients are our eyes and ears whereby we listen, develop and deliver in keeping with need, request and an ever-changing industry landscape.

Our success is driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and quality.

Come join us at the forefront of world-leading commute management solutions.

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