Multi-Modal Matching

Your users can easily source a comprehensive selection of all available transportation options, including Carpooling, Vanpooling, Cycling, Walking, Transit Partners and Transit Routes.

Unlimited Subsites

Create unlimited subsites for multiple locations, sub-regions or organizations. Set different administrative permission levels, get extensive reporting, upload community resources and more!

Trip Logging

The trip calendar allows users to log their trips using our Trip Diary multimodal approach. Our drag-and-drop trip logging tracker ensures that users can effortlessly record all of their trips.


Engage your users and heighten participation by incorporating fun competitions or contests. Reward your users with relevant incentives for achieving key milestones or random prize draws.

A commute management system can help residents and employees find a better way to get to work or travel within their community

Our urban centers all face similar commuter and road congestion challenges. A rideshare or commute management system is a tangible and proven means by which to save big on road maintenance, repair and construction, as well as contributing towards a greener environment.

Create a positive change in the community

Whether you are a government agency, municipality, COG, TMO or a TMA, administering your own commuter platform could not be easier with RideShark’s market-leading government rideshare solution.

Reduction of single-occupancy vehicles on the roads

Deliver the right message of reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the roads by providing commuters with real commute and trip alternatives.

Take control with RideShark’s intuitive government transportation demand management solutions.

At RideShark, we empower you to make educated, current and informed decisions as a result of real and accurate data and metrics

To learn more about RideShark’s market leading Government and Municipal Rideshare solutions, please contact us at or book a demo.

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