Unique Educational Solutions

University and College Transportation is a unique component of Transportation Demand Management as a whole.

RideShark works with many educational institutions and recognizes the distinct solutions that schools demand.

Reduce On-Campus Traffic

A properly implemented Campus Rideshare Solution contributes towards reducing on-campus traffic, aiding the parking congestion issue, mitigating safety concerns and increasing overall accessibility.

Proven. Safe. Green.

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The Campus Rideshare Solution Assists Universities & Colleges By...

  • Catering to the student body as well as faculty and staff
  • Helping users find both commute options and rideshare partners for a trip home on the weekend
  • Reducing campus traffic and parking demand
  • Addressing the flexible and often varied schedules of students, faculty and staff
  • Providing a comprehensive and accurate choice of transportation options
  • Ensuring the safety of the user by offering trusted results and search matches
  • Further prioritizing the safety of the user by accurate accessibility information
  • Customizing options that address all variables, such as enabling Facebook Login, or allowing the use of a non-university/college email.

We embrace the energy, enthusiasm and innovation students bring to the platform.

The experiences of our University and College users are highly valued and appreciated.
We constantly upgrade and improve our cutting-edge technology in response to the feedback we receive from our customers and users.

At RideShark, we empower you to make educated, current and informed decisions as a result of real and accurate data and metrics

To learn more about RideShark’s market leading Campus Rideshare solution, please contact us at or book a demo.

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